About Us

About Us

We are Pioneer in this Business; Quality is our major concern while dealing with consumers when it comes to sex toy, quality of the materials should highly into consideration, since sex toy is intended to use on sensitive areas of genitals, Compromising with quality of sex toy materials will lead to certain disease and may cause STIs (Sexually transmitted infection), Therefore we put those quality sex toy material which is medically certified and good on the skin.

What’s there for our customers?

Adults do bring forward a wide range of stockpiles to fit in well under your budget along with quality. Experience the soft and delicate multi-brand toys at our online store, sex toys like dongs, dildos, cock rings, vibrators, masturbators, bondage toys, stimulants, and lubricants.

We don’t purge on with the quality of our sex toy and make sure we deliver it exceptionally well which is expected from a sex toy, putting the standard international quality on priority and also which bounds to be well on your sensitive skin  so that you won’t have to face any side effects on the usage of toys

Whether you are looking for a self-propelled sex toy or you want to feel the sensation by just self drove efforts, you will get all those here under your budget, Browse through vibrator or masturbator category and get what you demand.

Products are arranged systematically so that shoppers don’t get cringed while choosing toys for him/her, our user-friendly websites make your selection and search for toys easier

Browse through an unmatched selection of Sex toys and accessories from renowned brands from women, men, and couples of all orientations including gay and lesbians. With Adult, you’ve got diverse choices for enthusiasts and adults worldwide including sex toys for women across psychographic and demographic segments.

Find the right deal

With a huge selection in products, we’ve also got a wide variety of deals to help you choose from with payment options that simply sets us quite apart from the rest. Our primary concern lies in serving customers with the best possible care to deliver the products to you with complete delicacy and secrecy. Whether it is a product meant for enhancement of your manhood or to add up a new zest to your sexual life, we simply strive to provide you with many options for sex toys online at some finest rates available in the market.

Sex Toy in Kolkata follow discretion

Sex Toy is something which is considered as taboo in India, Most people find this thing to be obscure while many don’t have ideas about the stuff, Selling of sex toy in an open market is illegal if any person found with sex toy or any object intimating obscenity will be penalized under Section292 of IPC 1860. Such things apply to a person who is trying to import it as well.

Therefore Sex toy is a grey market economy and you will find dealing with sex toys on the online store, people should not worry about getting penalized about possessing sex toys till it’s under privacy and not displayed in public.

We at sex toy in Kolkata gives major concerns about your privacy, once you have lost your privacy you realize you have lost your freedom and your way of expression, in short, you had lost everything.

sex toy in Kolkata partner with best courier service and we dispatch goods in discreet packaging, don’t worry about anyone giving you grumpy look, Don’t worry about packaging it won’t allow even peeping neighbors figure out about contents in discreet packaging sex are simply the basic need of life and everyone loves exploring their deviant sexual side with the fulfillment of deep fantasies.

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Our customer service and we protect your anonymity with discreet delivery and billing to ensure that you are satisfied with the purchase and also for the best experience with this website, we offer certain free gifts on decent purchase along with tracking id, Happy Shopping with and for sure you will further make your visit on our website by signing email letter with us.

Contact us at – sales@Sextoyinkolkata.com or call us on +91 8336942671 from Mon To Sun 24 Hours Support.